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AK Irrigation specializes in installing professional sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties.  We design an individualized layout for each yard for optimal water coverage.  We offer an industry-leading transferable 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

We believe in giving the customer the best irrigation experience available.  We come and evaluate your yard and give you a personalized estimate based on your needs.  We use the highest quality irrigation parts and equipment.  We use a vibratory plow for a trenchless installation of your irrigation system, this leaves your yard looking as close as possible to its original condition after installation.

The installation of an irrigation system is an investment and upgrade to your property.  Take this decision seriously and have it done by a leader in the irrigation industry.  An improperly installed system can be a nightmare and can lead to poor coverage and many repairs within a few years.  We created this business on making repairs to these poorly constructed systems.  AK Irrigation installs the best, and repairs the rest.  We believe in making your yard looking the best it can be.  We have built our reputation one installation at a time.

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Don’t get soaked by a cheaper, less reliable contractor. We are fully insured and carry workers compensation. Choose AK Irrigation.